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Some traditional restaurants owe their success to the excellent service they offer other quality menu and meals served there, while others owe their fame to the beauty of the spaces that house. Restaurant Ksar El Hamra has the Palme d’Or, since meets the three assets with the sole intention sublimate diners and provide unforgettable moment .

Palace in the ancient medina of Marrakech is the quintessential Andalusian architectural refinement.

Structured around a generous patio punctuated with arches and columns, Ksar El Hamra restaurant has a grand interior space where guests can relax, enjoy a glass or start gustatory escape offered by the dishes served.

Gourmet restaurant of the most distinguished of the ocher city , Ksar El Hamra restaurant is a lovely dinner that be entered in the register of the best restaurants in the United thanks to label Best Restaurants Morocco . Located in the heart of the medina of Marrakech, Ksar El Hamra restaurant is a great space to provide a sensory escape proper form .

The Perfect mix of

tradition & modernity

Moroccan Restaurant

Sublimissime ! Thus pronounced guests who come into the restaurant Ksar El Hamra. This beautiful restaurant a space for housing a grander palace , dating back several centuries. Although renovated palace that houses the restaurant Ksar El Hamra has retained its authenticity down to the smallest detail. One only has to see through the name.

Named as the ” Ksar El Hamra “, which in Arabic means the Palace of the Red City, or Marrakech, This restaurant offers its diners enjoy dishes inspired by Moroccan cuisine in a luxurious setting where beauty and refinement are the key words.

There is a backdrop of wood paneling and mosaic , where fountains bring well-being and freshness.

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The restaurant Ksar El Hamra is an excellent place to enjoy a real sensory escape.


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The restaurant Ksar El Hamra welcomes you in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The typical Moroccan decoration brings warmth and an inimitable authentic look!

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